The Week In Review

Brass Knuckle Shifter.

Fabricators being fabricators… they make stuff like Brass Knuckle Shifters. I’m really not sure about the legality of brass knuckles if they are fixed to something that can’t be wielded because they are welded.


Honda Civic Recall.

Honda is recalling 350,000 2016 Honda Civic coupes and sedans due to a problem with the parking brake. The issue affects only Civics sold in the U.S.

Sales though are not expected to slow down…


Arsehole Neighbours.

In attempting to stop a man with no legs having fun in his dream garage, these neighbours are terrible human beings.

No one liner or bad pun.

Terrible human beings.


Tesla Blah Blah Something Something.

Tesla is unveiling a product. Someone must care.

It’s not me. I’ve reached peak Tesla.

It’s a car.

With batteries and an electric motor.



Carlex Skoda Interior

A company called Carlex made this insanely gorgeous interior for a Skoda Favia.

They usually make interiors for higher end cars, but I’m guessing that sometimes the price of being the best at something is having to demonstrate it once in a while.


Audi withdrawing from endurance racing.

In Audi news, it’s being reported they will be withdrawing from endurance racing.

Same as every year.


Volkswagon Concentrating On Electric Cars

Volkswagen has declared it wants to be the market leader in electric cars. That’s quite a downgrade from trying to be the market leader in all cars.

The good news of course is there are no emissions standards to fiddle in electric cars.


Tesla Roadster For Sale

You could buy this Tesla Roadster for $1,000,000 and some pocket change as of now on Ebay.

It was built in 2008 and the 32nd Roadster ever made. It’s one of approximately 33 prototypes built and it’s rarity is increased as some were written off by crash testing.

So, if you have a million dollars burning in your pocket here’s your chance to buy a really heavy Tesla with a terrible battery life


BMW Adaptive LED lights As Standard

The 2017 BMW 5 Series will have adaptive LED headlights as standard in US.

I love how the new front end harks back to the design language of the E46, but I’m not truly interested until someone makes proper angel eyes for when I eventually purchase one from a third owner.

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