Faulty Advertising – Kia Forte

Advertising is hard, and often you’ll see the wrong message accidentally given alongside it’s actual message. This is me pointing them out:


First of all, the human attention span being 8 seconds is complete nonsense.  If that was a case, we would all be in traffic accidents a few times a day and if driving, say, a manual MX-5 then you wouldn’t make it from 0-70mph without missing a gear.

But let’s ignore Kia’s propogation of made up science, and look at the message they are giving.

Now, I’m not against driver aids such as autonomous emergancy braking in theory. Shit happens, and it happens in front of all of us. Cars pull out of side streets, change lanes randomly without signalling and of course driver error is a possibility.

But if shit happens because you have an attention span of eight seconds and start daydreaming with your eyes closed whilst driving a car you should not be driving a car. In fact, you probably couldn’t afford to drive a car because your attention span is eight seconds and as a result of that… you’re unemployable. 

Or maybe a puppy.

So why Kia want to give the strong impression it’s OK to tune out if you have autonomous emergency braking technology is not only beyond me, it’s a sharp kick to the groin of responsibility. 

The other fault of course is that Kia is painting their car as being ideal for airheads.

Actually, as I typed that sentence out it I realise that might actually be a good selling point for California.

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