You’re A Car guy If…

… at least some of these apply:

  • You have been given an ultimatum about a car from a partner.
  • You sold a car and regretted it later because it became valuable.
  • You’ve fallen off of a perfectly good road.
  • You know the value of a thin sole.
  • You’re too old for toy cars, but you can see one from where you are reading this.
  • You can’t remember peoples names, but you remember them by car and car color.
  • You don’t call it the “long way”, instead you call it the “fun way”.
  • Washing up liquid and sugar.
  • You know the name of the actor that played Joey in Friends, but you’ve never seen Friends.
  • The only adverts you see on YouTube are for cars you can’t afford.
  • You’ve heard a car making a noise absolutely nobody else can hear.
  • You actually check your oil.
  • The idea of mismatched tires eats away at your soul.
  • 10mm socket.
  • Your shoes have had to be thrown out as they wore out down the right side of the right foot.
  • You know it really isn’t the only answer.
  • The Eurobeat has intensified.
  • Malibu is not for surfing.
  • Your insurance company doesn’t need to know about the thing…
  • It’s forty minutes away but you’ll be there in twenty five.
  • You own cat litter… but don’t own a cat.
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