A Rotary Engine Without The Drawbacks?

Yes please.

When you need something technical figured out, sooner or later a Brit or two are going to get together and sort it out for the rest of the world. After all, you’re reading this on the World Wide Web using a programmable computer, or maybe a smart phone, and you’ve already looked at the photograph above. 

What about the big one though? The one some of the finest engineers the world over haven’t been able to perfect?

Advanced Innovative Engineering (AIE), a British firm based in Litchfield, appear to have come up with a 120bhp rotary engine that addresses the major inherent issues of high wear and excessive fuel consumption that have hindered rotaries becoming regular technology in automotive applications. AIE seem to have done this by coming up with a “Self-Pressurising-Air Rotor Cooling System”.

By improving heat rejection and thermal efficiency, the 650S rotary engine they demonstrated at the 2016 Low Carbon Vehicle event in the UK last week should increase engine life, reduces fuel consumption and boost performance.

I’m sure I’m not the only person hoping that Mazda steps in, confirms the technology then writes AIE a fat check and a royalty on every engine they make for a line of new sports cars to sell us.

Source and image: Autocar

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