Faulty Advertising – Audi R8 Edition

Advertising is hard, and often you’ll see the wrong message accidentally given alongside it’s actual message. This is me pointing them out:

In this advert we learn that Audi drivers love to drive fast, and so do their partners. We also learn though that the demographic chased in this advert are inconsiderate and arrogant arses. This is shown here with two Audi R8 owners that are so arrogantly inconsiderate they will repeatedly drive up so fast to a grocery trailer that the dust cloud fills the trailer through the serving window.

We know this is repeated behaviour because the trailer owner that they are on first name terms with simply resigns himself to a face full of dust and puts on a pair of goggles

We can even see he’s so used to it that he doesn’t even flinch anymore.

If they wanted to have fun, simply doing a big drift around the back of the trailer would save the store owners dignity and be even more fun than just slamming on the brakes in a straight line. It would also have looked amazing given the level of cinematography Audi paid for here.

Call me Audi. I can help you fix this kind of error.

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