A Word On Stance.

Stance is the weird bastard child of the car community. It has no real place. It has no real reason. It has no meaning.

You’ll hear people claim “it’s a form of expression” but it has nothing to say, let alone anything of any substance or profundity.

It’s not anti-conformist because the conformity is there in the absurd negative camber and being “flush”. 

It’s a fashion. There is nothing anti-conformist about fashion.

If you criticise stance, you’re a hater. You don’t get it but a stance kid can never explain why – “you simply just don’t get it”. It’s not even normally an angry “you you simply don’t get it”. It’s just a reaction to avoid actual thought.

It isn’t that I don’t get it, and I’m certainly not jealous bro’. It’s that there’s nothing of any value it offers me or anyone else. It’s for people that don’t want to learn to actually drive a car and then bond over how un-driveable their car is. After all, the lower the car and the dumber the camber the more excuse you have not to be able to drive. 

That’s taking down the bar so you don’t have to jump, then still not being able to get over the bar and claiming it’s because you did something well.

To top it off, the look at it’s most palatable is to emulate the aesthetic of a performance car while completely missing the point of a performance car – the whole performance aspect.

It’s an excuse to not put real work and effort into making something good that’s become a movement. A scene. A lifestyle. 

A lifestyle based around making a car worse. 

When a way of showing off is how the car can’t go over a bump, you can see there is no risk of failure because failure is the aim.

It needs to go away now. It’s worse for society than participation trophies and playing a game with no scores being kept.

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