Drivetribe Received $6.5 Million Dollars From 21st Century Fox

We’ve known Drivetribe is a thing for a while. We know they will have communities called tribes, and some of us on CT have already applied and been accepted to lead a tribe.

But it’s still not entirely apparent how it will work. 

My best guess is they are going for a Reddit style approach, but even though I’ve been “accepted” and told to think of a name for my tribe theres still no clue in the correspondence about the structure of the site and how it will work.

Now Drivetribe has received $6.5 Million Dollars from the multi media giant that is 21st Century Fox. The mystery here is:


I would guess it’s for advertising, but a guess is all that is.

If you were to press me I would hazard that maybe Drivetribe has built it’s own video platform so it has complete control over both its own and any content generated by it’s users. That would include revenue generation from ads, thus avoiding YouTube and being paid directly rather than just taking the small percentage YouTube partners receive. They would also have all their own information on demographics and be able to charge well for focussed advertising within the tight automotive niche.

That strikes me as the smart thing to do, and given the Clarkson, Hammond and Mays relationship with Amazon, a company that has the infrastructure and the server farms to back it up… 

The more I think about it, the more likely it seems that would be the backbone of the project.

We’ll see I guess.

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