Lindsay Lohan loses case against Grand Theft Auto

Lindsay Lohan claimed that the character Lacey Jonas was based on her. If you’ve played through the the blatantly over the top storyline in the game, you’ll remember rescuing the annoying narcissistic wannabe celebrity from the paparazzi.

Lohan’s lawsuit claimed the character’s storyline was “substantially similar” to her life and claimed “it is unequivocal that the Plaintiff was the intended referent in the GTA V game by using her likenesses, portraits, and voice solely to advertise the game for trade purposes.”.

The New York court ruled that the actress had no case against Rockstar Games parent company because her name wasn’t used, and the Jonas character did not look exactly like her.

The ruling concluded that the character was “a work of fiction and satire” and threw it out.

Given just how satirical the GTA games are when it comes to stereotypes, when someone like Lohan thinks it’s about her then Rock Star Games should only have one comment:

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