Forget Ferraris, Porsches And Aston Martins… Look For Love With A BMW.

Stereotypes are often stereotypes for a reason, and when it comes to love and seduction then the French have that one tied down with silk scarves on a bed sprinkled with rose petals.

It also turns out that, in France at least, if you want some help attracting the ladies then don’t drive an Aston Martin like James Bond or a Porsche like Tom Cruise. Don’t drive a Bentley or Mercedes like Affleck, a Ferrari like Bieber or a Lincoln like McConaughey. Don’t even drive a Prius like Ryan Gosling or Leonardo DiCaprio.

What you need is a BMW.

Yep. According to a survey conducted by French car insurance company Minute Auto, you should forget about a DB10 or a GTC4Lusso and get yourself a 3 series to impress the 67% of women that admit to judging the opposite sex based on their car. 

Predictably of course, 74 percent of men do the same.

My French is pretty weak, but I’m pretty sure that the original article claims 88% of French women find themselves attracted to men that tune cars.

Unfortunately, my own survey of one woman concludes that 100% of women find leaving greasy finger marks on the taps quite unattractive, but it’s nice for her to get the house to herself for a bit.

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