Episode 16: One Third Of Ten Tenths.

Both Hand Drive – One Third Of Ten Tenths

I’m joined this week by Micheal Beck from the Ten Tenths podcast. I ask him about his FIAT drift car and about getting into autocross and get the basics. Micheal tells us about his car history, including the fact he has owned an Audi but won’t again and how his latest daily driver is something a bit special.

We then talk about “itch cars” – those cars you know are going to be a terrible idea to own but you just have to have one at some point.

To wrap up we take on some listener questions about Range Rovers, driving in the snow, handling, Porsches, and Micheal having a stint as a professional stunt car driver.

You can find the Ten Tenths Podcast here or just search for them in your favorite podcast app!

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