How Much Will You Have To Save For A Civic Type R In The U.S and what’s slipping in under the radar?

According to a recent press release it’ll be “in the mid-30k range”, which puts it at a price point where a lot of people can afford one.

Considering the legendary status of the Type R badge and the fact this will be the first one Honda sells in America, then it’s fairly likely demand will outstrip supply right off the bat.

But the Si version of the Civic may be a little easier to get hold of and may be the more desirable for the daily driving enthusiast – and that’s what interests me more than the Type R right now. The fact Honda are bringing the Civic Si back to the U.S and should be quite affordable seems to be slipping under the radar.

Personally, as much as I love the idea of the new shouty Type R, the idea of a less spiky but still performance orientated Civic appeals to me. A short shift gearbox, a limited slip diff and not having cameras pointed at me every time I leave a traffic light appeals. That along with not catching the eye of the nearest member of the California Highway Patrol so much.

After all, these are sports cars to be driven daily.

The 2017 Civic Si Prototype The 2017 Civic Si Prototype

It still looks the part with an aero kit, a new active damper system, active steering system and an interior that only comes with a manual gear selector. No doubt it won’t have any extra weight on the current Sport model but will most likely have a breathed upon version of the current Civic engines. Here’s hoping for 220 hp rather than the current Civic Sports 180 horse powers.

Reading through the releases and looking at the pictures, it leaves me thinking it may be the slighter older and wiser brother or sister to the hot headed Type R. You know, the one that doesn’t end up in embarrassing videos on YouTube.

You may not agree with me and it’s “Type R or no car!” but this is just a word to the wise is all…

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