Alfa Romeo Montreal

Classified Of The Week: 1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal

There are two types of people in the world. Those that have never seen an Alfa Romeo Montreal, and those that would own one in a heartbeat.

Only 3,925 Alfa Romeo Montreal models were built, making this is a limited-production car. It’s not a well known Alfa though, because at the time it was considered just a sideline. Subsequently, Alfa didn’t promote it very well.

The Alfa Romeo Montreal was first shown to the world as a 2+2 coupe concept car in 1968. The concept was built on the chassis of a Giulia Sprint GT and took its engine from Giulia T. Two years later Alfa showed the world the production car. It had changed just a little in looks, but had changed a lot underneath. Instead of a four cylinder engine it now had a dry sump V8 putting out 197hp. The V8 was derived from a prototype sports car that, ahead of its time, revved all the way to 7,000 rpm. Alfa mated the engine to a five speed manual ZF gearbox, then used the chassis and running gear from the legendary Giulia GTV coupé.

Alfa Romeo Montreal
This example looks very clean and cared for. The owner has used a UK based Alfa specialist to work on it and, according to the seller, all the documentation is readily available. The only mechanical upgrade he lists are four dual-throat downdraft carburetors. Those replace the much maligned SPICER mechanical fuel-injection pump. Alfa experts often claim the engineering cost of the SPICER pump was about the same as developing the entire GTV Coupé engine. Nevertheless, experts also put carbs on SPICER fuel injected engines because they don’t like breaking down. So that shouldn’t be a big mark against it for the purists.

Alfa Romeo

Currently the winning bid is $30,000. The car is actually in Portugal, however the owner is happy to ship to the buyer as part of the final sale price.

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