The Arctic Circle Raceway: Can Ford’s New GT Set a New Record?

Ford’s newest supercar shows its stuff at one of the coldest race circuits in the world.

Have you ever wondered what a $500,000 supercar can do when piloted by an expert driver? If you have then look further, because EVO sent the brand new Ford GT to the Arctic Circle Raceway in Norway, along with Stefan Mucke to answer this very question.

The 2nd generation Ford GT cranks out an impressive 647 horsepower, and it can accelerate from 0-60 in around 3 seconds. With numbers like that, it is clear that this is a track oriented vehicle, and so we must ask one question: How does it perform?

Stefan Mucke has an impressive history with the Ford GT, making him one of the most qualified people to take it around a track. During his practice run with the GT he came within 3 seconds of the record lap time. So with a little adjustment to the tire pressure Stefan began his official timed run. 

With a bumper mounted camera, and extensive commentary, we can get a sense of exactly what the Ford’s supercar can do. Stefan enters the first corner at 140 miles per hour, immediately setting the tone of the run. As he enters each straight, and maintains high speeds around every corner you can start to sense how capable the GT is. As the end of the run draws nearer, the goal of setting a new lap record begins to seem possible. In conclusion Stefan Set an impressive time of 1.36.29, beating the previous record by nearly 5 seconds, and because of the clear footage we get to see exactly how he did it.

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