Auto Conduct Holds Car Show at Donut Media Headquarters

Auto Conduct invites some exquisite cars to be displayed at 

On a picturesque California summer day, I arrived at Donut Media Headquarters. As I pulled onto the main street, I passed by a Mercedes C Class AMG, a custom Volkswagen Golf GTI, and a 289 Shelby Cobra. As you may have guessed one of those is unlike the others. You see I wasn’t just swinging by the warehouse to stalk the Donut team, no I was coming for the most recent Auto Conduct event.

Auto Conduct, as I’ve covered it before, Is a car show, unlike any other. It’s a curated showcase, with the addition of some great people. This particular show also came with a couple of donuts.

This event had 4 scheduled feature cars, and at that only 3 showed up. Unfortunately, the Lamborghini LP640 that was supposed to be there didn’t make it because of a sleepy owner. No hard feelings, we all get a little tired from time to time. With that said there was still plenty to go around. 

1. Ferrari F12 TDF:

The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is a unique car to spot at a small show. The front mid-engine NA V12 boasts an impressive 730BHP, and in person, you really get to take in how powerful a car like this can be. The owner was not far off, alluring a crowd talking about how the paint stripe on the car is an option that costs in the tens of thousands of dollars.


2. 289 AC Cobra(MKII)

This needs no introduction, as I would consider the AC/Shelby Cobra one of the most iconic cars ever produced. This was the car that put Carroll Shelby on the map as a car designer. This is one of the cars that started my infatuation with American sports cars. To see a real one in person was a dream come true.

The 289 isn’t as highly regarded as other engines put into the Cobra. It wasn’t the very first, it wasn’t the biggest, but it’s what propelled the MKI into the performance world. This isn’t a kit car, as you may be used to seeing. This is a real, and seemingly regularly driven example.


3. Lamborghini Miura

One of the most unique cars ever produced, the Lamborghini Miura is often also considered the first supercar. Hearing this car for the first time in person was a sound to behold. What could be better than the sound? Well, the owner blowing through a stop sign, after a hard pull on the main straight was a fun sight. The best part about this example was not that it was pristine, nor that it was regularly driven, but instead that the owner has an ongoing joke, that involves regularly taping on fake racing stripes.

Th exclusion of the LP640 didn’t mean that there was a lack of vehicles. In fact, there was a whole parking lot full of them.

Closing Words

I cannot stress it enough, you should be going to every Auto Conduct that you can. The community that this event has formed, is an amazing one. As I have stated before, the people involved are what makes Auto Conduct, not the cars. With that said the cars are nice to gawk at while making new friends. I look forward to what comes next.

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