Chrysler Pacifica

Bad Car Spotting: Chrysler Pacifica Edition

When you think about customising a car, the true enthusiast picks a Chrysler Pacifica.

The owner here is obviously a connoisseur of the stick on mirror finish, and has attempted to blend all the classics into a seamless and timeless blend of non functional tat on a vehicle.

Allow your eye to be drawn to the front fender chrome air vents, then work across to appreciate the artful juxtaposition of fine detail and large areas of mirror finishing. Let the shiny stripe that starts on the rear door lead your eye across to the chrome filler cap. Drink in the intricate detailing of the sticker work, the and the chrome rear light guards.

Finally, allow yourself to wonder if maybe, just maybe, those fluffy dice hanging from the rearview mirror might be over egging the pudding a little.

fluffy dice

Bad Car Spotting

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