Other Cool Sites

Ten Tenths Podcast

Ten Tenths is made of of three friends – Adam, Micheal and Robbie. While not working on race cars they are talking about all sorts of automotive for our entertainment.


The Dreamer

Also known as PetrolMum, she’s a car obsessed Australian blogger with an eye towards prancing horses. Also a contributor to Both Hand Drive, she’s smarter than all of us put together.


Cammed And Tubbed

Cammed And Tubbed are Cameron VanDerHorst, Bradley Brownell and Jason Conner. Together they plumb the depths of automotive nerdery while making jokes and celebrating all that is good about cars.


MotorHead Mama

She’s smart, she’s got a filthy sense of humour and a huge bag of no bullshit opinion as well as a blog you should read.


Chris Pollitt’s website about cars under two grand. It also contains his exploits in cheap car ownership, which were probably not funny at the time but truly are now.

Drive That

A young blogger by the name of Szymon and based in Poland writes about cars with the aim of not being boring.

He’s doing a great job.