RAM Trucks Prince William

RAM Trucks Hires Brand Ambassador: Prince William

The sophisticated British automotive brand Aston Martin recently hired American Football star Tom Brady as its brand ambassador. In response RAM Trucks announced today its own brand ambassador.

It’s going to be the United Kingdom royal family member; Prince William.

In a press release earlier today, RAM explained the companies thinking behind the bold and, some would say, controversial move.  RAM understands that closely associating the British monarchy with a brand close to hard working American patriots could appear counter intuitive. A representative of RAM Trucks made this statement earlier today:

“We saw the genius behind Aston Martins juxtaposition of the svelte British brand usually closely associated with the smooth and dangerous movie spy James Bond, and taking a hugely cynical populist turn by paying a huge American Football star to say nice things about them and thought… we need some of those headlines and comment thread debates highlighting the alienation of the brand’s hardcore fans and customers”

RAM Trucks also announced that the upcoming special edition models will take advantage of this new partnership with Prince William.

The first model will be called the RAM Successor. This level of trim will come with red paint flecked with real gold and a purple velvet interior. People with enough money for one of these limited production models will also find the truck comes with a chauffeur. Also included in the newly designed pull-out bed of the truck will be fully stocked shotgun rack. After all, one often wishes to relax and do some pheasant or peasant shooting before a late afternoon tea party.

The second special edition is called the RAM Princess. This is the trim level RAM expects most people to be excited about.

“Although the Successor will clearly be the one we value more, the Princess is most likely the one that captures the peoples hearts and will be on the front cover of every magazine and the clear favorite of bloggers for quite a while to come.”

Prices are yet to be released. However, do expect them to be expensive. Don’t doubt that for a moment. Think, really fucking expensive.

RAM has promised to show the trucks at the LA auto show next year. Then we can expect the first vehicles to roll off the line in 2018.

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